Sven Eriksson

An engineer with an interest in autonomous vehicles and in making machines smarter

Development Engineer, 2020/06 -

Zenseact, Gothenburg, Sweden
Developing comfort focused controllers and path planning for cars to be used within ADAS features and for future autonomous vehicles. I am also participating in activities to improve workflow and software quality within the company.

Local union representative (Akademikerföreningen / SACO) 2019/11 -. Within this role I represent our members in local negotiations, participate in recruitment of managers, and take part in other discussions with the employer.

Employee representative on the Zenseact Board of Directors 2020/10 -

Development Engineer, 2018/05 - 2020/06

Zenuity, Gothenburg, Sweden

Developing a longitudinal controller for cars to be used within ADAS functions and for future autonomous vehicles.

Zenuity was split between its owners during the summer of 2020 and I continued to work for the part that became Zenseact.

System Developer, 2017/12 - 2018/04

Combitech, Gothenburg, Sweden
Working as a consultant with the first assignment being software development within telecommunication using mainly C++.

Vehicle motion engineer, 2017/01 - 2017/11

National electric vehicle Sweden, Trollhättan, Sweden
Developing ADAS functionality and SAE level 2 autonomous functions for internal demonstration vehicles. Working both with system design and software implementation.

Design and assembly of hexacopter, summer of 2016

Depertment of Earch and Space sciences, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
Design, assembly, and configuration of a hexacopter and related systems. It is designed to be able to carry sensors for use in education and reserach. Document describing the hexacopter.

Machine Operator, summers of 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011

SKF, Gothenburg, Sweden
Production, quality control and some maintenance. Worked in groups of 4 to 5 people. I did work during the morning, afternoon, and night shift.

Summer jobs, summers of 2010, 2009, 2008

Södra, Varberg, Sweden

2010 - Södra Cell Värö: Machine Operator

2009 - Södra Innovation: Laboratory assistant

2008 - Södra Cell Värö: Building maintenance